University of Maryland

City of Greenbelt


City of Greenbelt Projects

1. Build the Planning and Community Development Department’s GIS library

2. Develop a wayfinding sign plan to supplement the existing signs, support visitors and residents, connect east, Old Greenbelt (including Roosevelt Center), and west, as well as complement the upcoming MD193/Greenbelt Road Improvements

3. Develop strategy and plans to help implement recommendations from the recent Urban Land Institute Technical Assistance Panel that conducted a study of MD 193/Greenbelt Road for the Cities of Greenbelt, College Park, and the Town of Berwyn Heights to address transportation (for example, safe bike, pedestrian, and vehicular movement), land use (including the redevelopment of Beltway Plaza Mall and the addition of housing), economic development (promoting the corridor, retaining and attracting business), and recreation (connection and access to trails and parks, more recreational opportunities)

4. Conduct a study of the Still Creek Watershed

5. Conduct historic preservation and archeological studies of historic properties (for example, where African-American burial sites throughout the City limits, including unidentified and identified cemeteries and ruins, such as the Hamilton Cemetery, orchid populations

6. Survey/study the Forest Preserve over time to document change (establish permanent plots to study) and document areas of special concern (for example, Blueberry Hill, mulch pile, native species, orchid populations)

7. Quantify the services the Forest Preserve ecosystem provides (ecological/ecosystem services)

8. Assess and design a plan to expand and deploy public Wi-Fi opportunities

9. Build on a previous University of Maryland created a finding system to create a modern archive for the Greenbelt Museum

10. Develop and implement marketing for economic development such as outreach to businesses (business attraction, retention and expansion), residents, and visitors, including a partnership with and/or promotion of events and destinations like Roosevelt Center, Old Greenbelt Theater, the Greenbelt Museum, and area parks and trails